Contact Morgan

Need to get a hold of me?

There’s several ways to do it, so I’ve organized them.

My email:
This is a good option if you need to go in depth on something, or want to have a private discussion. This is the surefire fastest way to reach me, but I take it more seriously, so it may take slightly longer to get a response. You can click my email up there, or click the following link to contact me with a webform:

Facebook Messenger:
Facebook is a quick informal way to get in touch with me. You can use this to solve quick issues or ask fast questions. I don’t get notifications of messenger anywhere (unlike my email, where I do get notifications), but I do see these pretty often and we can have quick chats here.

The Private Group:
The private group is a great place to ask questions when you want to have other member’s input, along with my own. I check into the group throughout the day to make sure that nothing is left unattended.

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